zur Sicht- und Hörbarmachung von Musikerinnen

FRAUFELD is an initiative aimed at increasing the visibility of female musicians.


FRAUFELD is a platform for innovative women and their artistic works.


FRAUFELD is a new album series by the Viennese label

... initiated and curated by Verena Zeiner


... recorded and produced by Alexander Yannilos


... organized by Verena Zeiner, Sara Zlanabitnig, Nina Stainer and Alexander Yannilos


... Artwork by Mahola/screen addicts



Susana Gartmayer, Judith Ferstl, Lisa Hofmaninger, Judith Schwarz, Sophia Goidinger-Koch, Maiken Beer, Caitlin Smith, Agnes Hvizdalek, Julia Schreitl, Judith Reiter, Sara Zlanabitnig, Milly Groz, Margarethe Deppe, Astrid Wiesinger, Beate Wiesinger, Christine Gnigler, Lorina Vallaster, Sheng-Fang Chiu, Ingrid Schmoliner, Maria Frodl, Verena Zeiner.

FRAUFELD is a project that includes the development of an album series, presenting the music of women who deal with contemporary forms of composition and improvisation.


The aim is to make the large number and variety of female musicians working in this wide field visible for the broad public, for promoters and the media as well as for established and prospective musicians.

Acting together in order to strengthen everybody's individual path is fundamental concern of FRAUFELD and the label Freifeld Tontraeger.


FRAUFELD was initiated by pianist Verena Zeiner and flutist Sara Zlanabitnig. It emerged 2016 as part of the musicians' platform FREIFELD and its label Freifeld Tontraeger, founded in 2011 by drummer and producer Alexander Yannilos and pianist Georg Vogel.


FRAUFELD is being considered as a long-term project. The series will be extended periodically. In order to ensure the widest possible perspective and to involve as many musicians as possible, there will be alternating curators for each additional album.


Email: office@fraufeld.at

Tel.: +43650 553 26 30



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